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Lat night it came down to one pitch. Sherrill was one pitch away from closing the game with a win. Instead of that one pitch being a pop fly it turned out to be a long fly ball that made it into the seats. A two run Home Run when the Orioles were only ahead by one.

It was a lost instead of a needed win.

Games are changed with one pitch.

It was a shame too, since for the third game in a row the Starter had a good game. Koji Uehara pitched into the 7th giving up just two runs. It was the Bull Pen that could hold it giving up runs in each of the last three innings.

Home Runs have been a problem with the Orioles’ pitching this season. Last night’s was one of the worst.

Game Totals:
Rangers 5 12 0
Orioles 4 8 0
WP: C. Wilson (1-2)
LP: G. Sherrill (0-1)
S: F. Francisco (3)
HR: Rangers – M.Young (5), H.Blalock (4); Orioles – B.Roberts (1)


Prehaps the Orioles misunderstood. It was a day to pay your tribute in taxes, not pay tribute to Texas.

Even though the Orioles won two out of three, I imagine that they are glad to be out of Texas.

Game Totals:
Orioles 6 9 2
Rangers 19 19 0
WP: K. Benson(1-1)
LP: M. Hendrickson(1-1)
HR: Orioles- C.Moeller (1), A.Jones (2); Rangers- N.Cruz (5), I.Kinsler (3)Totals:

The Orioles have started pretty well this year. Well I guess you could say it’s been real well since they have won 3 series in a row. The wins haven’t been beauties, but wins are wins and in the end that’s what counts.

With Toronto losing their game against the Minnesota Twins the Orioles move into 1st place in the East with a 1/2 game lead.

I wasn’t able to catch too much of the game, although looking at the box score and recaps it does appear that for the first time this year the Bull Pen stepped up and did their job. Although it would have been nice if Sherill hadn’t decided to make the bottom of the 10th as exciting as I’m sure those in Texas wanted.

I did watch the first couple of innings and at the time I was concerned with he Home Runs that were being allowed by Simon. After he came out with what I hear is trouble with his elbow, those Home Runs might be more understandable.

I hope that all is well with him and that it’s only minor and can be treated real quick.

Mora goes on the DL and Albers rejoins the team. From what I read it appears as if Mora is still bothered by the injury he had during the World Baseball Classic (WBC). I don’t like the idea of the WBC being during the time that players should be in their Spring Training camp working with their team. Although I do understand why players want to be on their country’s team.

It’s good to see Matt Albers back on the team. Let’s hope he pitches go good so that the team won’t have a choice but to keep him this time. He was pretty close to that anyway.

Game Totals:
Orioles 7 9 1
Rangers 5 13 0
WP: J. Johnson (1-0)
LP: E. Guardado (0-1)
HR: Orioles: A Huff (1), L Scott (2), A Jones (1); Rangers- M Young (2), N Cruz (4), C Davis (2)

Record: 6 – 2

Edited to make the correction that it is the World Baseball Classic and not the World Baseball Championship.

When Brian Roberts came to bat at the top of the first inning, for the first time in many years, the “Baltimore” Orioles were playing a game in Texas. Meaning of course that Baltimore was spelled across the front of his uniform shirt.

What I didn’t know, and still don’t, is that Texas is on the front of the Rangers uniforms at home games. At least last night they were. Is this usual?

By the end of the game even after scoring 10 runs it was another nail biter. But it was that way after 6 when Texas cut the Orioles 6 run lead in 1/2 and then more so when the Rangers scored two more in the 7th.

Once again the Orioles pitchers game up Home Runs. The last two runs came on a two run Home Run by Andruw Jones. Will Jones become the next comeback player of the year?

Game Totals:
Orioles 10 16 0
Rangers 9 11 1

WP:K. Uehara (2-0)
LP: V. Padilla (1-1)
S: G. Sherrill (3)
HR: Orioles – F.Pie (1); Rangers – A.Jones (1), M.Young (1), C.Davis (1)

Record: 5 – 2