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The game featured two staring pitchers that has previously been starters on the Orioles.

What can you say about Daniel Cabrera that hasn’t already been said? He’s a pitcher with great talent, but not one that has learned to use it. He throws too few strikes and some of those strikes are good pitches to hit. The way that his infield played behind him, I’m sure he wished it was the Orioles behind him.

Although being in the National League on a team that is a lower tier team may be a good place for him. At least in the National League every 9th batter most times through the lineup is a pitcher and not a DH.

I still would like to see him succeed so long that it’s not on a team that plays the Orioles more than a few times a year.

I always liked Jamie Moyer when he was on the Orioles. At his current age I don’t think he would be a fit on the 2009 Orioles.


I am located just 25 miles or so from Camden Yards. But being that I’m located on the Eastern Shore of the Chesapeake Bay 45 minutes to an hour from the Chesapeake Bay Bridge, it takes me at least an hour and a half to get there.

Being that I’m that close to Baltimore, that’s where the clearest over the air stations came from, and that our daily paper was the Baltimore Sun, the Orioles were my team when I was growing up.

The team from Washington, it was the Senators then, would have also been a 90 minute to 2 hour drive, I could have been a Washington fan. And as a child I was following both teams, that is until they moved to Texas after the 1971 season.

Philadelphia and the Phillies are a little over two hours away so I actually have three Major League teams within a reasonable distance for whom I could root for. I’m sure there are many fans that not only is their favorite team, but their closest team is much farther away than the Phillies are to me.

As a baseball fan it does feel good to have three teams within a two hour drive. There are even two minor league teams less than 90 minutes away. Baseball is all around.

When the Expos moved to Washington as the Nationals, the opinion was that they would draw fans away from Baltimore. This may have been true at least for certain games. Some baseball fans, such as I, tend to follow either a team or a League and I doubt that it really would have mattered.

Fans really tend to go to games in which the Home team is doing well. Other wise they just simply watch them on TV, listen on the radio or follow there performances in the newspaper.

Presently neither the Orioles nor the Nationals have had a good track record during the years that the Nationals have been playing in DC. The only one of these three teams that have been in hunts for postseason has been the Phillies. They did win the Championship in 2008.

It does seem though that fans in the Baltimore/Washington Area seem to not look north to Philadelphia. My part of the Delmarva Peninsula would appear to be in that area, although just a few miles east or north of me the fans seems to lean more towards Philadelphia.

Looking at baseball in 2009, I certainly am glad that I am a fan of the Baltimore Orioles. Whether you agree with their moves or not they do look as if they are moving in a good direction for the future. Although it might be until 2011 or 12 before they will be considered a team that could compete for the division.

The Phillies are a good team. One that I’m sure if I knew more about and followed closer, I would be a real fan. However I do tend to follow the American League and the Orioles.

The Nationals though, I think are in a real bad problem. And as bad as we felt about the Orioles over the past 10 years, I’m not sure that they were ever in the dire straits that the Nationals appear to be currently in.

I wonder who will be the better of these three teams in 2 or 3 years? I hope that it’ll be the Orioles. While I wait for the Orioles to play the Texas Rangers tonight. I do plan on watching the other ‘Home Town’ teams play as the Phillies play the Nationals in the DC opening day.

Former Oriole Jamie Moyer will be pitching for the Phillies while former Oriole Daniel Cabrera goes for the Nationals.

One of the things that was envisioned when the Orioles signed Danys Baez in the off-season was for Baez to set the table for the closer to finish the game.  However today it was just a setup for a come from behind victory for the Washington Nationals.

The Orioles up to the 8th had things going their way for their pitcher.  Eril Bedard pitched 7 innings striking out 12 and had even helped his cause by getting 2 hits.  Turing it over the the high priced bullpen should have easily put up a win.  Even with how bad that Baez was pitching they were still within a strike of getting out of the inning with the lead.

There’s no doubt that some will be wondering why Perlozzo allowed him to face Logan and not bring in Walker or even asking Ray to get 4 or 5 outs for his save.  It’s not as if they will be playing a game that matters tomorrow.

I don’t know what it is about the Orioles this year, but it sure does seem as if they find a new way to lost a game on Sunday with 2 ugly losts 2 weeks in a row

It took 11 innings and a scare in the bottom of the inning, but the O’s ended the night with another win.  This brings their record up to 500 for the past 10 games moved them alone in 2nd place and less than 10 games behind the Red Sox, who split two against the Braves.

Years ago, when the Orioles, Yankees along with the Red Sox, Blue Jays and Tigers were winning 85 to 100 games a year the division was known as the Beast of the East.  That sure isn’t the case this year after nearly 2 months in the season.  Now it would appear that the dominate division is the Central, with the old East teams the Tigers and Indians in the mix leading the way.

Strange things have happened over the years. The season is still young. Many things can happen between now and the end of the year, but unless someone gets in a groove it looks as if a team near .500 will end up 2nd in the division.

And the Beast of the East will be known as the Weak East. Not a good thing, unless you are the Orioles playing .500 ball and end in 2nd.  It’d be the best they been in nearly 10 years.

The Orioles were coming off of a 5 game losing streak. The Nationals were coming off of a good series against the Atlanta Braves and playing at home. It could have been another lost, but they outlasted the Nationals, barely.

You would have thought that with getting 11 hits, they would have scored more than 5 runs. But they all came from the 1st four batters, and four of them were by Roberts. At least he is getting on base to give them a chance to score. Once again Tejada did not get an RBI. Luck does not seem to be on his side.

A hit here or a hit there in the middle of the lineup, instead of instead of sac flies may have put the game away and not have to worry about a close game when Ray came in to pitch the 9th. At least it looks as if Ray was able to shed a demon with the play at first.

Amazingly the win not only moved them from a tie for last in the division, but to a tie for 2nd.  A nice long winning streak would be nice.  It could actually put them firmly in 2nd, since none of the other three are doing well either.  Too bad that the Red Sox have been playing good.  It would have been nice to have the division so close a win  could move a team from last to 1st.

Hopefully it’s the beginning of a winning streak and not a blip in the losing streak.