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Once again the Orioles have lost and with the Yankees having the day off, the Yankees move into 2nd place.  Once more the Orioles are solidly in 3rd place.  But it could be short lived since they are playing Toronto who are only a game and a half behind the O’s.

Lately I’ve been hearing that it’s time to make another Manager change. So far since Davy Johnson was ushered out the door with a year remaining on his contract, none has had much success.

Considering what they say about opinions, ‘we all have one and they stink’, here’s my smelly one.

Is the manager making mistakes?  Let’s just say that even Earl Weaver made mistakes.  When they are made you learn and more on.  Dwelling on the mistakes are bad, and so far that hasn’t been done.  But I’m not sure whether there is learning happening.

Does Sam Perlozzo know the rule book?  Since he didn’t argue the case of the run not counting a few weeks against the Indians at once when it happened  I would think not as well as some.  I’m just a fan of the game and I knew the run should count, but it took the Orioles an inning to argue it and the umpires another one to finally get it right.

Is he working the pitching staff correctly?  With the way that they have pitched at the end of games the past couple of week, the answer would seem to be no.  We are just in the middle of May and the bullpen already looks tired and ragged.

Is he managing the bench correctly?  Some of the players don’t seem to like his style of communications.  And I do think there are a couple of players that may be better paying regularity elsewhere just sitting as a late inning fielding replacement.

But that doesn’t mean he’s completely to blame.  The so-called experience pitchers can’t seem to do the job.  The set-up man comes on and sets up base runners for the closer to come on under pressure that he didn’t bring upon himself.  The Closer should come in at the beginning of the 9th and get three outs, not come in with the bases loaded and needing 2 outs to win.  Once upon a time that may have been the job of the Closer, but is it any more.  Not really.

The Manager has 2 critical jobs.  Keep the players ready to play and play there best, and make the moves during the game that gives the team the best chance to win.  A lot of this happened with experience and learning.  I’m not sure Sam has learned to manage.

So the question was, Should the Orioles get a new manager?  If they aren’t thinking about it, they might as well chalk up another losing year.  Perlozzo needs to improve fast or if I was in charge he would be looking for a new job.


Yes, you could say I’m cheating. Instead of picking the Divisional winners before the season began, I waited until near the end of April.

But even those experts who made their prediction before the first pitch was throw will be revising their picks throughout the year.

American League
Boston Red Sox – Even before the season began I felt that the Yankees were done and the Red Sox are the best in the division. I see improvement by the Orioles. I’m hoping for an 85 win season, but that won’t win the division. I hope they end in 2nd though.

Detroit Tigers – They have the best of the young teams in the division and will win a couple more games more then the Indians who will be in 2nd and gain the Wild Card.

Oakland A’s – The west is weak with Oakland and their pitching winning more games against the West while playing .500 against the rest of the league.

American League pennant
Cleveland Indians

National League
New York Mets – There won’t be a race, although the Braves will end up being the Wild Card.

Milwaukee Brewers – Isn’t it time for a 2nd tier team in the National League to win a division?

Los Angeles Dodgers – Last year it was a close race with most of the teams hovering around .500, this year most of the teams will still be around .500. All but the Dodgers.

National League pennant
New York Mets – They are hungry after losing last year.

World Series champion 
New York Mets in 6