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If as some have prophesied, the new age of Baltimore Orioles baseball will soon begin. Tuesday it was announced that the new savior, Matt Wieters, is being called up to the big club beginning on Friday.

While I have seen that one ball player can move a team in a positive direction, Frank Robinson helped to take a good 1960s Oriole Ball club into a great one, I don’t know if there’s ever been a single player to take a bad club to a great one.

But the Orioles are on the right track and Wiethers very well could and probably will make a difference. But there are plenty of young talented ball players on the teams as well as waiting in the wings.

The Oriole lineup already is good. They score plenty of runs most games to win, but it’s hard to constantly win when the pitching staff is giving up nearly 6 runs a ballgame.

The outfield is looking set, although there is still some questions on what’s going to happen in left field. Adam Jones is having a great year at the plate and playing a good center field. Markakis is still looking like the All-Star which he will soon become.

Left is a question since there are a couple of players on the team, or in the minors, who could come out as the player in left. Right now my vote is toward Nolan Reimold. Pie is not an option and should be traded, let go or sent to the minors, whichever one is best for the team.

Then there’s Montanez and Scott. Both of these players will be team players. Although after he comes off the DL Montanez may be sent to the minors, but he did play well while he was out there.

The only spots I question are 1st and 3rd. Two older ball players which contacts ending soon. Both of which may want more than they are worth. Are there players to replaced them in the minors? I don’t know, since I really haven’t followed what’s happening on the farm. Other than it looks as if the farm system may be coming back. Are in seeing the old Oriole Way becoming the new Oriole Way. From all appearances, yep.

But as usual the team will only go as far as the pitching. Right now there is only one starter in the rotation that was in the rotation on opening day. And to be honest Guthrie has not looked good.

As long as everyone is improving with each passing day, watching this team will be fun. And if I’m right look out for the Orioles in 2011 and maybe even as soon as 2010.



Who will be the next Oriole to reach the Hall of Fame?

With the success that the current generation of Orioles has accomplished, it’s probably correct to think that it’ll be awhile before the next Oriole is inducted into the Hall.

There are a couple of Orioles who played here, but also played elsewhere who may make the Hall. Harold Baines, Roberto Alomar and Raphael Palmero.

Each of these players had Hall of Fame careers and may one day reach the Hall, but many of their glory days were with other teams. As was Miguel Tejada, who still needs to have a few more good years before he can lay a claim at being one of baseball’s best.

But there are two players currently on the Orioles that I can foresee possibly having Hall of Fame careers and both of these players have been signed to long term contracts to play as Orioles.

Nick Markakis is still a young player. His first few years in baseball have been good ones. Even though his numbers were slightly off last year, a lot of that had to do with teams pitching around him. He is turning out to be that good. It’s a good move for the Orioles to build the team around him.

The other player is the much talked about, although more as trade material than as a key player, Brian Roberts. While I’m not sure that he’ll ever be considered for Baseball’s Hall, he sure will become an Oriole Hall of Famer. And if he continues to play as he has the past couple of years, he may even be mentioned as one of the best lead-off hitters and 2nd basemen of his generation. When spoken as one of the best, that gives one claims.

Go Orioles!!

This blog has been dormant for a long time. And as the spring advances I will be trying to bring it back to life.

Even though there has been many things happening in the world of the Orioles I haven’t really been following them and at present I can comment on them other than to say I am happy that they have extended the contracts of Brian Roberts and Nick Markakis.

Will 2009 be a better year for this blog?  One can hope so. As the season goes on as long as the Orioles holds my interest there will be posts. How often?

Spring training is beginning and it’s time to look at the 2009 Birds, which is exactly what I’m going to do. As soon as I discover and read about the new Birds as well as some of the older ones, I’ll be posting comments on them.

So for now, See you soon.

Well if nothing else this goes to show that the O’s are looking towards the future since they have to eat a lot of contract money.

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There’s one more week left in Baseball’s regular season and for the 10th time in the past 10 years the Orioles once again are just playing the season out.

Even with all of the losing, there is one thing for certain.  Dave Trembley and not the ball players are in charge of the team.  This is a good thing.  Let’s hope that this feeling will put some backbone into the players who do return next year to try to have this team improve.

This will probably be the final post I do about the Orioles until the post season is over, that is unless there is something happening that I care to comment on.

I do think I will post some about the off-season, so check back next week.  If nothing else I’ll make some predictions on what I think will be the outcome of the playoffs and World Series.

I really hate to say it, especially with the way that the Orioles played in July, but I think they will wind up in last place this year.

It doesn’t matter how many runs that the offense scores, it seems as if the pitching will end up giving up more. And very seldom will a team score double figures, unless that team is playing against the Orioles.

I hope we aren’t thinking that our minor league pitchers are going to be on the staff and making a difference in 2008. I’m not sure that many of these will even be ready in 2009.

Yes, injuries have hurt the staff, but that was mainly in the starting. Hopefully we will have a healthy starting staff in 2008 with Olson improving and Guthrie making the adjustments to continue to be a good pitcher. Bedard should be alright, if healthy and Cabera will eat innings as he learns to pitch. Lowen is the big question, but I still like this as next year’s staff.

B ut the bullpen, oh well fans in the seats are happy when they come into the games.

It looks as if the stars are not looking favorably upon the Orioles. Nine loses in a row, the last three against the Devil Rays, and looking towards a series against the Red Sox in Boston. Ouch.

I was thinking what can be done over the off season to make this a .500 team. Let’s just look at .500 first and then look towards a playoff spot.

Let’s start with the starting Pitching, since for the last 10 years they have started the season with people saying, ‘they will only go as far as the pitching takes them.’

They seem set with Bedard as Number 1. Since Cabrera still has a future of being a good if not great pitcher, let’s work on it, but as the 4 or 5 starter. That leave 2 and 3. Even though Guthrie has had a few bad games lately, its probably as much due to teams starting to understand him, he just needs to move up a notch and at number 3 that can happen. Number 2? Is there anyone on the disabled list to move here. Only Lowen, but he’s a big if. Let’s look for the Number 2 outside of the system and take some pressure off of the young guns, who I think will be ready for 09/10. And let’s consider resigning Trachsel and letting Benson go.

Relief Pitching: It’s time to start all over again.

1st Base – Millar isn’t the typical 1st baseman, but he’s better than average in the field and can get some hits and has a way of getting on base. Besides he will one day become a great couch even manager, let’s keep him for that reason and let him alone at 1st.

2nd Base – Looks ok to me with Roberts.

3rd Base – This needs an upgrade. Mora should be one of those players that can and will move from spot to spot as an everyday player to give a break to the real everyday player at that position. Mora can play all of the outfield and probably all of the infield, let’s use him that way.

SS – Tejada is a great player, but he seems to be losing some at that position. Move him to third and let’s get a glove man at short. Hernandez from the minors? Either that use him in a trade for s couple of good young players (relief pitchers?)

Outfield – Markakis, leave him alone. He’s a player. Patterson at center is alright if its the Patterson of 2nd 1/2 2007 and not 1st. Right. This is where we need to pick up a big stick who can hit 30 Homers and drive in 100. That player is not on the team today.

DH – The Orioles were one of the first teams to use the DH the way it’s played today. An older player who still has pop at the bat, but can’t play the field (or should I say can hurt them if playing in the field) Remember Lee May, Ken Singleton etc. Let’s find that older player who looks as if they are done, put them at DH and leave them alone for 162 games.

Game Notes:
Tampa Bay 8 – Orioles 6
WP: Kazmir
LP: Guthrie

The All-Star game is over and it’s time to start the second half of the season, although the Orioles have already played 87 games, leaving 74 plus the suspended Yankee game left to play.

Come to think about it, I was going to comment that they at least hadn’t reached the 50 lost level, but that’s not really true since that game will no doubt also be a lost.

But now that it’s after the All-Star game it’s time to start thinking about the end of July trade deadline and who on the Orioles are safe.

These are the players that I put on my list of people that the club needs to keep and build the team of 2008 and beyond on. I’ll start with Mora, although that’s only because he has no-trade clause in his contact and to move him would be next to impossible, I’m sure.

In the field Brain Roberts is your second baseman and lead-off man for at least the next five years. He’s one I would put on the untouchable list. The only other non-pitcher I would put on that list would be Nick Markakis. There’s a couple of others, I would like to see remain on the team, such as Millar and Hernandez, but if the offer is right.

Now the pitchers. Is there any general manager out there who wouldn’t want to build a starting rotation around Guthrie and Bedard. Those are untouchable as are the rookies Olson and Burres. Well that depend on who you get in return.

I have a feeling that the team that takes the feild on August 1st will look a different than the one that takes the foeld on Thursday. And it won’t be because of people coming off of the disabled list.

Go O’s. Let’s make the moves for the future. This year is already down the drain.

So far so good in this series against the Yankees. It’s been two wins with the Yankees only scoring a total of two runs in their games. It would have been a little bit sweeter if the Orioles had scored a few more than 7 runs.

Not to mention one of these wins was against the Yankee Saviour Roger Clemens and the other against the Pettite. Even if they happen to lose tonigh, it’s still been a good series. Now winning 3 against the Yankees would sure make it a great series.

On another note, it’s nice to see Brandon Fahey be called up from the minors. I know his numbers haven’t look good there this year, but he did play with a lot of hussle when he was with the O’s last year.

And on an even better not, Dave Trembley is getting a tryout to be the next manager. The search for a new manager is off until at least July 31. I wonder if he could be the next Earl Weaver. Weaver was made manager in the middle of the 68 season and stayed until 82, and we all know what was done during that time. Maybe lightning can strike twice.

Now that Tejada has been placed on the disabled list and won’t be available for the All-Star game, it’s time to start thinking about who may go for the Orioles.

Even before his injury some was wondering if there wasn’t others on the team who possibly had better seasons and deserved to go.  But I don’t think many would have been surprised if the ‘star’ was picked.  He probably would have been picked even if he was hitting .270 and having a poor year.

So among mostly a bunch of under achievers who shall go.  It would seem to me there are only two possibilities.

Brian Roberts – He is doing what what is expected to do as a lead on hitter.  Get on base.  His average is hovering around .315 with a on base over .400. Too bad the ones behind him aren’t doing as well.  If they were Perlozzo would still have a job and they may even be near the Wild Card lead.

The other is Jeremy Guthrie.  he’s 4-1 with an ERA of 2.42.  With a little more run support and/or better relief behind him his win total easily could be doubled.  When he became the surprise 5th starter, no one could have expected him to do so well.  He’s the best starter the Orioles have right now and there aren’t many others who are better.

It would be nice if both could go, but I suspect this honor will go to Brian Roberts.  I can’t say he doesn’t deserve it, but so does Jeremy  Guthrie.

Even though they lost last night, doesn’t it appear as if the Orioles are at least starting to look more of a team than a bunch of players.

To me it looks as if Dave Trembley has an idea of what he wants to do to make this a better team.  He’s not managing as if he’s an interim, he’s managing because he looks like a manager.

Would be a bad move to allow him to finish out the season.  let him do a 1/2 season audition for the job.  The last few managers (the last two freshman managers) were thought to be good baseball men, but didn’t have much managing experience.  Being the Bench coach may make you the right-hand man of the manager, but it’s not the head man.

Trembley has managed in the minors for years.  I remember a time when a few minor league managers moved up to the Bigs and made a name of themselves.  Does the name Earl Weaver mean anything to anyone?

It’s time to start the new Oriole Way!

Over the last couple of days I think this can very well describe the Orioles.

The Good:
The Orioles ventured to the west coast to play the San Diego Padres. When they got there the Padres had the best won/lost record in the National League. Then after the first game, the first under their new manager (listed presently as interim) which they lost in the same fashion as the previous 8, they turned around to win the next two.

Whether this was just a high point or a changing point, we’ll just have to wait and see.

The Bad:
After interviewing their first and at the time only candidate to be the next non-interim manager of the team, they offered the job to Joe Girardi. Apparently it looked as if he was going to accept. But then he announced it wasn’t the right time .

The Ugly:
On Wednesday Miguel Tejada gets hit on the wrist by a pitch. He starts the next game, but after a poor at-bat in the first inning, it’s decided that he’s not able to play. He will probably be placed on the disabled list, ending his game streak and losing one of their best hitters for at least 2 weeks. Our disabled list is starting to look like a better team then the one that takes the field.

The crystal ball is a mucky as it’s even been on this team. I won’t be surprised about any thing that happens in the next two weeks. And I doubt if any one could make an accurate prediction.