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Hi out there!!

Since there hasn’t been many readers, probably since there hasn’t been very many new post, there’s little reason to say anything more than Hi.

Yes, I have been absent. Yes, there could have been many things to say. But in truth would it have been any different than what’s been talked about for the past few years.

But last week, I do think that things have changed. A very big change.

For the first time since the departure of Hargrove, the Baltimore Orioles have a manager with Major League experience.

When looking at the ball club this year, one sees many of the pieces of a good team. The young pitchers have been better than good on occasions. Unfortunately there are those times when they appeared to be throwing batting practice.

There are quality players for the outfield.

The center of the infield doesn’t look to bad. That is as long as Roberts is at second. Short Stop isn’t of the caliber of a Belanger or Ripkin, but it’s not as bad as the ones that played between them. Does any one recall? I don’t.

In general they have played well enough to have a better record. Blown games late in the game or good pitching performances that were lost because they couldn’t score, has accounted for a number of the games lost.

Now the Showather has taken the helm, it will be seen whether he can make a difference. Give the younger players the confidence.

I’m pumped. And even though many of the games left are played against teams that have chances of making the playoffs. I have a feeling that those teams won’t be feeling that all they have to do is to take the field to have a chance to win.

The O’s may lose, but teams will know that they have been involved in a Ball Game.

I sure hope I’m right.


As most can see from the previous posts, this blog was idle for most of the 2009 season. There is a number of reason for this, one of them was a summer medical issue that put me way behind in a number of things and this was one of those sites that just wasn’t updated.

2010 is a new year. I feel great and for what i see the O’s are going to have a much better year.

In the coming weeks I hope to be able to publish thoughts and opinion on some of the moves that were made at the end of last year and during the off season.

The O’s are coming back and so will this blog.

GO O’s

If as some have prophesied, the new age of Baltimore Orioles baseball will soon begin. Tuesday it was announced that the new savior, Matt Wieters, is being called up to the big club beginning on Friday.

While I have seen that one ball player can move a team in a positive direction, Frank Robinson helped to take a good 1960s Oriole Ball club into a great one, I don’t know if there’s ever been a single player to take a bad club to a great one.

But the Orioles are on the right track and Wiethers very well could and probably will make a difference. But there are plenty of young talented ball players on the teams as well as waiting in the wings.

The Oriole lineup already is good. They score plenty of runs most games to win, but it’s hard to constantly win when the pitching staff is giving up nearly 6 runs a ballgame.

The outfield is looking set, although there is still some questions on what’s going to happen in left field. Adam Jones is having a great year at the plate and playing a good center field. Markakis is still looking like the All-Star which he will soon become.

Left is a question since there are a couple of players on the team, or in the minors, who could come out as the player in left. Right now my vote is toward Nolan Reimold. Pie is not an option and should be traded, let go or sent to the minors, whichever one is best for the team.

Then there’s Montanez and Scott. Both of these players will be team players. Although after he comes off the DL Montanez may be sent to the minors, but he did play well while he was out there.

The only spots I question are 1st and 3rd. Two older ball players which contacts ending soon. Both of which may want more than they are worth. Are there players to replaced them in the minors? I don’t know, since I really haven’t followed what’s happening on the farm. Other than it looks as if the farm system may be coming back. Are in seeing the old Oriole Way becoming the new Oriole Way. From all appearances, yep.

But as usual the team will only go as far as the pitching. Right now there is only one starter in the rotation that was in the rotation on opening day. And to be honest Guthrie has not looked good.

As long as everyone is improving with each passing day, watching this team will be fun. And if I’m right look out for the Orioles in 2011 and maybe even as soon as 2010.


This may has been a strange month for me. And although I haven’t had much time to follow what the Orioles have been doing, it seems as if it’s been a strange month for them as well.

Over the course of the month i have been busy with many things that have kept me away from following the game.

I am a TV junkie and during this month I have been watching the season ending episodes of series such as Heroes, Lost, Amazing Race and Survivor. During some of these shows the Orioles have played as well. So my attention during these times were elsewhere.

Now that May is near an end, as well as some of the other life commitments that I have had, I am going to try to spend more time following the Orioles. And with the changes that have happened during the past couple of weeks and what seems to be on the horizon, it does seem to be an exciting time to be an Orioles fan.

The future is on the horizon and even if they only just play well this year, it’s exciting to to think what may happen in a year or two.

Over the past week I have not entered any posts on the games by the Orioles. I’m am greatly sorry that this has happened, but with ‘life getting in the way’ I have not had a chance to write anything let alone watch what has been happening with the Orioles, other that a quick review of the games.

Hopefully things will quickly change so that I can continue these postings as well as for things to change for the Orioles.

It look as if the pitching has settled down and working in a better groove, although it does seem as if at least once a game they are still grooving one.

If only they could get some production from the back end of the lineup.

Wonder if the Pie experiment has run its course? He sure doesn’t look as if he’s ready for the Major League.

Huff is looking much better at 1st as the season turns a month old.

Now if we can only figure out what’s going on that we have a pitcher with an injury every week or so.

I am located just 25 miles or so from Camden Yards. But being that I’m located on the Eastern Shore of the Chesapeake Bay 45 minutes to an hour from the Chesapeake Bay Bridge, it takes me at least an hour and a half to get there.

Being that I’m that close to Baltimore, that’s where the clearest over the air stations came from, and that our daily paper was the Baltimore Sun, the Orioles were my team when I was growing up.

The team from Washington, it was the Senators then, would have also been a 90 minute to 2 hour drive, I could have been a Washington fan. And as a child I was following both teams, that is until they moved to Texas after the 1971 season.

Philadelphia and the Phillies are a little over two hours away so I actually have three Major League teams within a reasonable distance for whom I could root for. I’m sure there are many fans that not only is their favorite team, but their closest team is much farther away than the Phillies are to me.

As a baseball fan it does feel good to have three teams within a two hour drive. There are even two minor league teams less than 90 minutes away. Baseball is all around.

When the Expos moved to Washington as the Nationals, the opinion was that they would draw fans away from Baltimore. This may have been true at least for certain games. Some baseball fans, such as I, tend to follow either a team or a League and I doubt that it really would have mattered.

Fans really tend to go to games in which the Home team is doing well. Other wise they just simply watch them on TV, listen on the radio or follow there performances in the newspaper.

Presently neither the Orioles nor the Nationals have had a good track record during the years that the Nationals have been playing in DC. The only one of these three teams that have been in hunts for postseason has been the Phillies. They did win the Championship in 2008.

It does seem though that fans in the Baltimore/Washington Area seem to not look north to Philadelphia. My part of the Delmarva Peninsula would appear to be in that area, although just a few miles east or north of me the fans seems to lean more towards Philadelphia.

Looking at baseball in 2009, I certainly am glad that I am a fan of the Baltimore Orioles. Whether you agree with their moves or not they do look as if they are moving in a good direction for the future. Although it might be until 2011 or 12 before they will be considered a team that could compete for the division.

The Phillies are a good team. One that I’m sure if I knew more about and followed closer, I would be a real fan. However I do tend to follow the American League and the Orioles.

The Nationals though, I think are in a real bad problem. And as bad as we felt about the Orioles over the past 10 years, I’m not sure that they were ever in the dire straits that the Nationals appear to be currently in.

I wonder who will be the better of these three teams in 2 or 3 years? I hope that it’ll be the Orioles. While I wait for the Orioles to play the Texas Rangers tonight. I do plan on watching the other ‘Home Town’ teams play as the Phillies play the Nationals in the DC opening day.

Former Oriole Jamie Moyer will be pitching for the Phillies while former Oriole Daniel Cabrera goes for the Nationals.

Some days it’s easy to put things into words and on others it’s hard. This is one of those days and times.

Just a few hours after pitching in his season opener, a game which he pitched 6 scoreless innings leaving the game with the lead only to have the Angles blow that lead in the 9th, Nick Adenhart was killed by a driver who has been charged with drunk driving.

The baseball world lost a promising future star and his friends and family lost a love one.

All I can say is that my condolences are sent to every one.