The franchise of the team that would in 1954 become the present day Orioles began as part of the Western League in Milwaukee named the Brewers.

The Milwaukee Brewers were one of the teams that began play in 1901 in the new American League. They finished in last place and in 1902 moved to St. Louis where they took the name Browns, a name which had been used by the National League ball club from St. Louis until they adopted the name Cardinals.

In 1954 the Browns moved to Baltimore and took the name Orioles. In the first year in Baltimore they duplicated the same record as the 53 Browns, 54-100.

Since the 1880’s in one league or another there was a team from Baltimore called the Orioles. In 1882 the first Orioles franchise was part of the American Association and when the American Association folded in 1892 they joined the National League.

In 1899 they were one of the teams eliminated by the National league only to arise again two years later in the American League. That team played in Baltimore 2 years before moving to New York in 1903. That team is now the New York Yankees.

From 1903 to 1954 the Orioles played in a number of the minor leagues.

As the Orioles the franchise have won 8 Divisional titles, including 5 of the first 6, along with 1 Wild Card berth.  They have won 7 pennants, winning 3 World Series championships.

The St Louis Browns played in only 1 World Series, losing to the St Louis Cardinals in 1944.