Hi out there!!

Since there hasn’t been many readers, probably since there hasn’t been very many new post, there’s little reason to say anything more than Hi.

Yes, I have been absent. Yes, there could have been many things to say. But in truth would it have been any different than what’s been talked about for the past few years.

But last week, I do think that things have changed. A very big change.

For the first time since the departure of Hargrove, the Baltimore Orioles have a manager with Major League experience.

When looking at the ball club this year, one sees many of the pieces of a good team. The young pitchers have been better than good on occasions. Unfortunately there are those times when they appeared to be throwing batting practice.

There are quality players for the outfield.

The center of the infield doesn’t look to bad. That is as long as Roberts is at second. Short Stop isn’t of the caliber of a Belanger or Ripkin, but it’s not as bad as the ones that played between them. Does any one recall? I don’t.

In general they have played well enough to have a better record. Blown games late in the game or good pitching performances that were lost because they couldn’t score, has accounted for a number of the games lost.

Now the Showather has taken the helm, it will be seen whether he can make a difference. Give the younger players the confidence.

I’m pumped. And even though many of the games left are played against teams that have chances of making the playoffs. I have a feeling that those teams won’t be feeling that all they have to do is to take the field to have a chance to win.

The O’s may lose, but teams will know that they have been involved in a Ball Game.

I sure hope I’m right.