Once again Luke Scott carried the bat to the plate and made it look easy against Tiger’s pitching. For the second night he hit two Home Runs against the Tigers, only this time he upped his RBIs to 5. After his Grand Slam in the third, a lot of pressure was lifted off of rookie pitcher Bergesen.

Bergesen pitched into the 9th. It may have been the first time this season that an Oriole pitcher has pitched this deep. Since it’s been awhile since there’s been a off day, and the pen having to pitch a lot of innings, it was needed.

There was a lot of pressure placed on Matt Weiters, but Scott cleared the bases in front of him twice. At least most of the times when he batted it wasn’t with men on bases. His first out, which was a double play, really was a good out. It was a fly ball that Mora tried to advance to third. Wasn’t Weiters fault that he was thrown out.

Five wins in a row.

When was the last time that happened? Especially to teams that at the time were leading their division. Yes, Toronto was leading the East when they came to town in the midst of their 9 game losing streak that took them from first to third.

I really think that this team is starting to make that turn around and they will be an exciting team to watch.