If as some have prophesied, the new age of Baltimore Orioles baseball will soon begin. Tuesday it was announced that the new savior, Matt Wieters, is being called up to the big club beginning on Friday.

While I have seen that one ball player can move a team in a positive direction, Frank Robinson helped to take a good 1960s Oriole Ball club into a great one, I don’t know if there’s ever been a single player to take a bad club to a great one.

But the Orioles are on the right track and Wiethers very well could and probably will make a difference. But there are plenty of young talented ball players on the teams as well as waiting in the wings.

The Oriole lineup already is good. They score plenty of runs most games to win, but it’s hard to constantly win when the pitching staff is giving up nearly 6 runs a ballgame.

The outfield is looking set, although there is still some questions on what’s going to happen in left field. Adam Jones is having a great year at the plate and playing a good center field. Markakis is still looking like the All-Star which he will soon become.

Left is a question since there are a couple of players on the team, or in the minors, who could come out as the player in left. Right now my vote is toward Nolan Reimold. Pie is not an option and should be traded, let go or sent to the minors, whichever one is best for the team.

Then there’s Montanez and Scott. Both of these players will be team players. Although after he comes off the DL Montanez may be sent to the minors, but he did play well while he was out there.

The only spots I question are 1st and 3rd. Two older ball players which contacts ending soon. Both of which may want more than they are worth. Are there players to replaced them in the minors? I don’t know, since I really haven’t followed what’s happening on the farm. Other than it looks as if the farm system may be coming back. Are in seeing the old Oriole Way becoming the new Oriole Way. From all appearances, yep.

But as usual the team will only go as far as the pitching. Right now there is only one starter in the rotation that was in the rotation on opening day. And to be honest Guthrie has not looked good.

As long as everyone is improving with each passing day, watching this team will be fun. And if I’m right look out for the Orioles in 2011 and maybe even as soon as 2010.