This may has been a strange month for me. And although I haven’t had much time to follow what the Orioles have been doing, it seems as if it’s been a strange month for them as well.

Over the course of the month i have been busy with many things that have kept me away from following the game.

I am a TV junkie and during this month I have been watching the season ending episodes of series such as Heroes, Lost, Amazing Race and Survivor. During some of these shows the Orioles have played as well. So my attention during these times were elsewhere.

Now that May is near an end, as well as some of the other life commitments that I have had, I am going to try to spend more time following the Orioles. And with the changes that have happened during the past couple of weeks and what seems to be on the horizon, it does seem to be an exciting time to be an Orioles fan.

The future is on the horizon and even if they only just play well this year, it’s exciting to to think what may happen in a year or two.