Over the past week I have not entered any posts on the games by the Orioles. I’m am greatly sorry that this has happened, but with ‘life getting in the way’ I have not had a chance to write anything let alone watch what has been happening with the Orioles, other that a quick review of the games.

Hopefully things will quickly change so that I can continue these postings as well as for things to change for the Orioles.

It look as if the pitching has settled down and working in a better groove, although it does seem as if at least once a game they are still grooving one.

If only they could get some production from the back end of the lineup.

Wonder if the Pie experiment has run its course? He sure doesn’t look as if he’s ready for the Major League.

Huff is looking much better at 1st as the season turns a month old.

Now if we can only figure out what’s going on that we have a pitcher with an injury every week or so.