Two games into their series with the Boston Red Sox, it’s obvious that they won’t win this series. And unless they win the next two, it will end up as their first series lost in the season.

I’m sure that many have been wondering how long ot would be until this team began to disappoint. For me that came in the second half of opening day. Over the last two weeks they have worked hard, and going into they had won three series with a record of 6-3.

I have been critical of this team since the first game. Pitchers have been giving up too many Home Runs and runs in general. If it hadn’t been the production of the top 4 to 5 hitters in their line up, this team could easily be 0-11 and not 6-5.

Team defense was suppose to be a plus. I watched Feliz Pie make not one but two bad defensive moves on the same fly ball. Yes, I know that Righ Field in Fenway is hard to play, but Pie just plain looked bad.

Then there’s the 10 unearned runs. Friday’s game turned on the one error and three unearned runs that followed.

Looking at this team in the first 11 games of the year, I will stay with my opinion that they will win between 70 and 75 games. But right now this team is not exciting to watch.

Game Totals:
Orioles 4 8 1
Red Sox 6 12 1
WP: J. Beckett (2-1)
LP: A. Eaton (0-2)
S: J. Papelbon (4)
HR; Orioles – None; Red Sox -K Youkilis (3)